Business Planning and Performance Indicators for Government – gold standard in capability building

Extraordinary Solid Set of Supports

DGR Consulting is delighted to launch a gold standard in capability building programs – Business Planning and Performance Indicators for Government.

The program is a fully integrated set of supports for leaders and managers, enabling them to implement best practice approaches in the workplace. Supports include:

  • a one-day immersive, transformative workshop on Business Planning and Performance Indicators for Government;
  • an on-line Membership Site with videos, audios and resources covering each element in the workshop;
  • three additional Bonus Sessions to address key strategic issues: Structuring Planning Processes to Foster Cultural Change; Beyond the Numbers – Using Qualitative Evaluation in Business Planning; and Using Reporting to Boost High Performance and Implementation of Plans
  • individual, tailored follow-up support for each participant in a Business Planning Coaching Clinic.

Who should attend

Executives who lead corporate and strategic planning processes;

Business leaders and managers who need to develop business plans and KPIs;

Leaders of evaluation functions who wish to increase the adoption of useful measurements across their agency;

Leaders of change initiatives who wish to demonstrate their value-add; and,

Leaders of policy or program areas who struggle with how to choose good KPIs appropriate to their intangible outcomes.

Workshop Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop participants will know how to:

  • use plain English language to increase stakeholder understanding and engagement with business planning and performance measurement;
  • undertake a swift balanced assessment of a business plan and set of performance measurements;
  • agree on an accountability line and the specific results that they are going to be delivering in their organisation, program, or in a new initiative;
  • use business planning to address the performance of under-performing business units;
  • analyse stakeholder relationships, and work together with others to change and improve key relationships;
  • develop useful performance indicators;
  • bring risk management into their business plan; and,
  • apply the workshop concepts in their own work context, with expert assistance.

 What Past Participants Have Said

“Fantastic, personable, professional. I gained a thorough process, and a methodology not only for the process but also the conversations, which is very important. The most useful aspect was adding the value of ‘people’ and ‘team’ ideas and inclusivity into the planning process. I loved it. It should be compulsory.”

“Brilliant facilitator – comfortable, confident, reassuring, knowledgeable and very personable. Very patient with questions. It’s very good to work with a facilitator with so much experience and useful/relevant examples to draw on. I gained a greater understanding of how to think about, talk about and engage others in thinking/talking and planning what to do, how, when and for what reasons. The most useful aspects were the practical activities preceded by worked examples; group butchers paper sessions with other members of our group were very useful, including feedback from others; Mary’s descriptions of how she would run each activity in other contexts/for other groups. Thank you.”

“Mary’s insights were invaluable. I appreciated the ‘simple’ language she used to make development of planning ideas realistic, achievable and potentially exciting as I respond in my workplace. I gained greater confidence in my own ability to think more strategically and I also have very useful skills/ideas to support planning processes e.g. conversations to engage stakeholders. It will help me ensure in my leadership role that planning is not about compliance but about leading and monitoring improvement efforts and to ensure that successes are acknowledged and attributed to all involved.”

“An exceptionally knowledgeable presenter – genuinely interested in each participant’s particular work environment and how they can participate in and develop their planning skills. This was a most helpful workshop. I’ve always struggled with business planning and now feel more confident. I understand why planning is important and how I can meaningfully contribute. The most useful aspects were demystifying the jargon and providing examples and case studies of planning scenarios. The ‘hands on’ component was most useful. The workshop was excellent – I would like others to have the same opportunity.”

Public Sector Focus

The program is fully tailored to the public sector. Participants learn about the techniques using public sector case studies. The workshop includes a substantial component where participants apply their learning in their own departmental and program context.

Course presenter

Mary Duckett, a Director of DGR Consulting, is recognised internationally for her achievements in developing plans and performance measurements for public sector agencies. An outstanding communicator, Mary has worked at the highest levels of government across Australia and New Zealand to assist organisations implement changes and improve performance.

More than 15,000 participants from public sector organisations have attended public programs presented by Mary. Many more have participated in tailored in-house programs facilitated by Mary.