DGR provides expert advice and professional support to help organisations develop cost savings that align with organisation values. Never easy, we believe cost savings can be chosen and achieved with far more rigour and speed, and with more support for those affected than is commonly encountered.


Cost Savings Coaching Clinic

An initiative to provide expert advice to leaders or teams from organisations who have done work on cost savings and want feedback and professional assistance to improve the quality of their draft cost savings plan. Assistance can be provided to develop or review the cost savings plan; develop or review targets; review and change the level of detail in a savings plan; or answer any questions the team might have about planning and achieving cost savings.

The confidential clinic is conducted by Bryan O’Connor who draws on his experience in managing $1.5 billion of cost savings for large and complex organisations. Coaching clinic sessions are from one hour in length and can be conducted either face to face or by teleconference. Individuals and groups can consult at any stage of completion of their savings initiatives.


Consultancy Assistance to Develop Savings Plans

DGR designs and conducts tailored projects to develop and implement savings plans.

Our projects are designed to provide a stable, supported pathway to achieve a new financial result. We work flexibly with you to tailor our approach to your context. In our experience, working in partnership with leaders, managers and staff yields the best results for creating savings plans that are aligned with strategic directions, are framed with rigour, and are achievable.

We work collaboratively with you to rigour test draft plans, and to develop reporting systems for savings plans that provide powerful overviews of implementation, while minimising reporting time for business groups.