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Our Public Programs

Feedback From Our Public Programs:

  • I can honestly say I can’t remember training that has been more valuable. I gained confidence, skills and knowledge. Bryan’s coaching demonstrations were so good – matter of fact, practical, demystified, empowering - a man of integrity. Mary is special, with a huge insight into people.
    Feedback: Speed Coaching Program
  • Brilliant facilitator – comfortable, confident, reassuring, knowledgeable and very personable. Very patient with questions. It's very good to work with a facilitator with so much experience and useful/relevant examples to draw on. I gained a greater understanding of how to think about, talk about and engage others in thinking/talking and planning what to do, how, when and for what reasons. The most useful aspects were the practical activities preceded by worked examples; group butchers paper sessions with other members of our group were very useful, including feedback from others; Mary's descriptions of how she would run each activity in other contexts/for other groups. Thank you. I would love to have Mary in as a facilitator for our own planning sessions.
    Feedback: Business Planning Program
  • Excellent - Mary is very insightful. She has so much valuable knowledge and advice to improve performance. I gained tools for creating meaningful KPIs and KPIs that are relevant. Also, Mary's advice on how to foster cultural change about measurement. It was a pleasure - I feel very lucky to have met Mary and to have gained her feedback and advice.
    Feedback: Performance Indicators Program
  • I gained relatable skills for the workplace – I can’t wait to implement and share with other leaders. It was great to witness coaching in action in the coaching demonstrations. Bryan is clearly a master of the skills we learned. Mary is an extremely gifted facilitator – she is so easy to engage with and her real-life examples are great.
    Feedback: Speed Coaching Program
  • Excellent quality. It was all useful! I gained the tools and language required to successfully develop and implement performance indicators. The presentation has given me a new appreciation of the importance of structured performance measures and how they are presented/interpreted. A very supportive and informed environment for learning – well done. I have regained my enthusiasm for implementing change in our system.
    Feedback: Performance Indicators Program
  • Excellent! Clear, helpful, engaging and good balance between examples and real life application to cement learning. I gained useful tools, techniques, a frame of thinking around planning and ideas for how to take this back and apply in practice.
    Feedback: Business Planning Program

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