Public Programs

DGR runs public programs on leadership coaching and influencing for change. These programs include:

  • advanced bonus lessons on cultural change and high performance;
  • hands-on intensive workshops;
  • live Master Coach demonstrations;
  • Membership Site with videos of all program lessons;
  • follow-up Master Class coaching calls;
  • step-by-step workbook + tools + templates; and
  • DGR’s Speed Coaching System™.


Advanced bonus lessons on cultural change and high performance

You will learn step-by-step the practical and transformational strategies to create and support high-performance cultures; how to encourage innovative thinking, swift implementation of new ideas, and creative cultures; gain insights from positive psychology about building on your people’s strengths and character traits such as courage, perseverance, fairness and zest; and, how to coach individuals who feel overworked and tired, so that they can set boundaries, say “no” with grace, and feel empowered.

This program uniquely positions participants to deal adeptly with under-performance, avoid micro-management, coach people so they can focus on what’s really important, and successfully address bullying or harassing behaviour at work.


Hands-on intensive workshop

Make connections with other like-minded leaders and change agents. Immerse yourself in experiential action learning focused on the 8 core lessons and 4 real world coaching lessons underpinning the program.

Raise, explore and resolve in a safe environment the issues you face in bringing about change.


Live Master Coach demonstrations

Watch a Master Coach in action, demonstrating the techniques you are learning in the program. See and hear the impact on the people he coaches.

In the debriefs you’ll learn the step-by-step secrets to having a swift, rapport-filled and deep coaching conversation that leads to change.


Unlimited access to the Speed Coaching Membership Site and Community

Have you ever attended a workshop, been caught up in thinking about a particular point, and wished you could re-wind the tape, slow down, and absorb it in more detail? You can do exactly that in this program!

You have unlimited, free and exclusive access to the Speed Coaching Membership site, where you can see videos of all the program lessons, listen to audio downloads, watch bonus videos, and download any of the tools and templates.

You’ll be part of the Speed Coaching community where you can stay in touch with like-minded professionals bringing about positive change in the workplace.

You also have exclusive access to the Ask Anything Forum, where you can get expert advice on influencing and coaching, just like DGR’s private coaching clients.


Masterclass Coaching calls with Mary and Bryan

How do you maintain momentum so your influencing and coaching skills stick?

Access follow-up Master Class teleconferences, where you can get together with your Master Coaches and fellow participants. You’ll be able to raise and resolve challenges in how to implement these powerful techniques in the workplace.

All the teleconferences are recorded, so you can review them anytime and from anyplace.


Step-By-Step Workbook + Tools + Templates

Gain access to the tools, templates and techniques that Bryan O’Connor developed and uses with his private coaching clients.

Packaged in an easy to read and easy to follow format, so you’ll know the strategic issues, as well as the exact practical steps, to create personal and organisational change.


The Speed Coaching System™

An extraordinary element in the program is the Speed Coaching System™ where you learn how to get great coaching results in under 20 minutes, using four incredibly simple but powerful questions.


An extraordinary developmental experience

Fun and energising, this comprehensive program will build your confidence, capability and practical skills in influencing and coaching for change.


What recent participants have said:

“Thanks so much, I can honestly say I can’t remember training that has been more valuable at both a professional and personal level.”

“I gained confidence, skills and knowledge. Bryan’s coaching demonstrations were so good – matter of fact, practical, demystified, empowering – a man of integrity. Mary is special, with a huge insight into people. It was so great to meet an intelligent, kind woman who isn’t aggressive but is empowered. A wonderful role model. The most useful aspects were values, filters on the world, the ‘set the frame’ questions – actually everything. I wouldn’t change anything. Really.”

“I gained great personal insight into values, filters on the world, overcoming barriers to change, and tools to work on issues later. The coaching demonstrations by Bryan O’Connor were really valuable, with great time allowance – they didn’t feel rushed and there were lots of opportunities afterwards to ask questions. I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a coaching demonstration. Mary is a great facilitator. I loved the rapport between you and Bryan. Provided lots of examples to take away. Two days was really needed, and the timing was great.”

“ A great workshop. I gained relatable skills for the workplace – I can’t wait to implement and share with other leaders. It was great to witness coaching in action in the coaching demonstrations. Bryan is clearly a master of the skills we learned. Mary is an extremely gifted facilitator – she is so easy to engage with and her real-life examples are great. The most useful aspects were the foundation skills (rapport/ questioning techniques etc) that will be so beneficial in the ‘real life’ coaching roles.”

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In-house Capacity Building Programs

DGR can run tailored in-house programs for organisations on important and challenging leadership and cultural issues, including:

  • the Speed Coaching System™;
  • developing high performance cultures;
  • how to deal adeptly with under-performance; and
  • successfully addressing bullying or harassing behaviour at work.

Participants will receive tailored workbooks including copies of all slides and exercises.

Following the programs, follow-up support is available to maintain momentum and resolve implementation challenges.


Individual and Group Leadership Coaching

DGR offers leadership coaching for individuals and groups, fully tailored to the issues you face. Our focus is on supporting you to clarify and achieve changes that will create a more empowering future for yourself and others.

Please contact Mary Duckett on 0429 654 909 to discuss.